Shades of Blue

 Hello everyone,
        Sorry,I have been absent for a few days-time seems to slip by so quickly. However, I have some cool summer blues for you today.
 Delphiniums are such tall and stately plants in the garden. I love the rich colors of these.
 The aqua blue chairs adds another spot of color to the garden
 Campanula Prichard's variety looks so pretty with the tall spikes of Delpenium in the background. I love the color combination but also the two shapes together.

 A deep mauve delphenium with a white bee.
 Mr. President clematis looks good growing near the delpheniums and campanula.

This is the Josephine clematis now -it is just the center pompoms as it losses it outer petals.It is still pretty and has been blooming for weeks now.
The Jackimanni clematis and the monkshood make a pretty combo too.
This arbor has two Jackmani clematis growing over it so it puts on a really good show.
Jackmani superbra growing over another arbor .
On the left is a meadow rue and the right is an unknown clematis.

We are having beautiful sunny summer weather,however, We really need a couple of days of rain soon. I am having to water the new plants and planters,window boxes etc. The rest of the garden is dry but holding up for now. With a garden our size it would be impossible to water it all - we do have things planted close together so it won't dry out as  quickly.We have not had a summer this dry in awhile .Last summer we had loads of rain..
   Anyway,I hope you enjoyed some pretty shades of blue from our garden.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post and welcome to new blog followers.

Today, I am joining My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

Take care,

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