Touring the Late August Garden

                                                       Hello everyone,
                      It is a nice day for a garden tour so let's go shall we!
                            This is my favorite part of the garden right now. It is the Allee garden leading to the pond.
           This part of the garden is a new extension last fall. It filled in quickly as we divided heathly sized clumps of perennials from other parts of the garden for the most part. The hollyhocks I started from seed and they have done well considering the dry summer.
                 We have so many varieties of phlox in the garden that put on a good show in August.
  This shrub Clethra not only looks pretty but has a wonderful fragrance too.

                                               Martha's Garden (above& below)

  The Allee garden again
  Out by the road.
  You can see this is my fav,right now.
                             The virginia creeper covering the arbor going to the front door.
  A different angle of the new extenion.
                        Russian Sage with Julia Child rose on hillside garden.

                             Cosmos make a cheerful filler in the new border.

                              Coneflowers on hillside.
                                        A view of our Chelsea garden
The Gardener's Cottage

Now you might want to go inside and dream for awhile of sunny summer days.

 Thank you for taking the tour with me,now we are off the have dinner with friends.


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