Blue & White Toile and Transferware

                                                               Hello everyone,
               I am back with' the rest of the story' as we take a look around the rest of the Gardener's Cottage today. This little cottage in our garden has had several looks over the years but this is the first time for blue and white. One of the nice things about a white background is how easily it can get a new look-so,I borrowed a few things from the house. Do you remember my $2. braided mat-it goes well with the toile quilt that I have had for years.
                                                A spot of tea,anyone?
                              It is so peaceful in here with only the sound of birds singing and a warm breeze coming in.
                                Don't you just want to curl up with a pretty magazine?
                                        I love these thrift shop dishes.

             The little blue and white transferware pitcher was a favorite find on a trip to Maine a few years ago.

                              I have just the magazine for you-a Victoria with one of the most beautiful covers. I love the cover picture so much I think I would have bought it just for that reason but there are lots of pretty pics inside too.

 I hope you enjoyed another peek at some of my blue and white in the cottage.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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