Christmas Details

                                                                  Hello everyone,
                         It was a mild rainy day here but I decided to give our little sunroom a more Christmasy look.So I will show you some of the little details today and later" the rest of the story".
                             I have been looking for an old sweater to make into a pillow and lucked in a couple of days ago. So,I came home and make a pillow and a few Christmas hearts from the sleeves.
                             I also found this little canning jar for a dollar and put some epsom salts in it with a candle and sprayed it with fake snow same as I did last last year but added a gingham ribbon and a small spruce cone . You can't have too many of these!
                                   I see a lot of sheet music being used these days so I thought this would work good in this frame that I had with the cross on top.
                               Some rosemary and greenery with winterberries.
                               I love my new winter white knitted pillow with the red toile one.
                              I moved these cute little wellies up to the sunroom.
                                Going for a natural look again with birdhouses and greenery etc.
                         I love this angel so much I never put it away so I can enjoy it all year.

                              I am not letting any scape go to waste on that poor sweater- Hope this keeps my tea warm!

Well,now you have seen the little details - hope you can come back later for tea in the sunroom!

          Take care,

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