A White Christmas

                                                      Hello everyone,

           Are you all ready for Christmas ? I still have some things to do, but they are things I enjoy doing, like Christmas baking. Earlier in the week I was happy that we had some snow for a couple of days, so I took a few pics as this might be the only snow days we have before Christmas as a warm front is coming through on the weekend..As,I was coming down the stairs I shot this pic of our little garden cottage nestled in the snow.
  This picture of our pond was shot from the upstair window on the other side.
                I do love the beauty of freshly fallen snow-especially at Christmas time.

                            Inside the 'conservatory' looking out.


       What about you, are you expecting a white Christmas this year? Our winters have changed, as I can hardly remember a green Christmas when I was a child or even when our children were growing up, but we have had several green ones in the last decade.
  Anyway, I am happy to have enjoyed at least a couple of snow days and I am sure before the winter is over there will be lots more! This is the shortest day of the year-nice to think the days will be getting longer now and in a few weeks we will notice the difference.

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show And Tell.

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