Snow Day!

                                                                     Hello everyone,
                             We are expecting a big snowstorm here on the Island starting tonight and it is supposed to dump about 25 cm(10 inches) of snow with high winds so we have been to the grocery store and stocked up on supplies and have candles ready in case we lose power.It sounds like tomorrow will be a day to stay inside by the fireside with a good book and hot cocoa!
   We already had some snow a couple of days ago when two of our granddaughters were here for the morning so I took some shots of Olivia out in the snow with a new ' snow princess' costume. These are a few of some quick shots that I snapped of her.
                           Olivia loves pretty things so she was delighted with the Snow Princess costume.                          
                   Today, I am joining How Sweet the Sound for Beverly's snow theme day so I went through my old photos for the ones below but it sounds like by tomorrow this will be pretty much what our home and garden will look like.

                                                           Our old garden gate.

The house above is my neighbours and I always love a snow picture of it.

              Well, I enjoy a snow day once in awhile when I can stay indoors and snuggle up by the fire but I know not everyone shares my sentiments so remember" this too shall pass" and before long it will be spring!
    Stay warm and cosy and visit How Sweet the Sound for more snow pics or pinks for Pink Saturday.

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