A Winter's Day Morn

                                                          Hello everyone,

                         How was your weekend-good,I hope? On this lovely January morning I took a few photos to share with you. I shot the photo above through the sunporch window. This is the project that kept us busy all fall-well in the beginning it was mainly my husband and son who were busy building it but later there was painting and decorating projects for me.It is still not entirely finished inside so I haven't shared many photos of it yet-but later on I will have tons I am sure.
                              The sun is just rising over our little woods this morning.
                              I got this new heart shaped wreath after Christmas in the half price sales and I have been moving it all around to see where I like it the best.
                         Here it is on our little garden cottage winter storm door. In the summer I am hoping to still use it but cover the greens with flowers.
                                      and here on our new 'boathouse' aqua blue old church door.
                          and the wreath from the door is on the lamp post.
                              I tried this cross I made on the church door as it seems very appropriate there but ,this one is too big so I plan to make a smaller one this week.
                            We seem to be getting a little accumulation of snow each day and it has been staying colder but for the rest of the week it is going up to 0 Celsius so it might melt a little snow. For those of you who are wondering about all our garden plants-don't worry they are all hardy to our Zone 5b garden and as soon as the ground starts to thaw they will begin poking their heads up though the ground again-nature is truly amazing isn't it? We already have several garden tours booked for the summer.
                                              The 'boathouse' veranda.

                                       The view from the veranda.

And you might enjoy some birdwatching on this lovely winter's day morn. We had 15 blue jays at this feeder a couple of days ago so it doesn't take long to empty the feeder.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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