Looking Back at the Garden

                                                               Hello everyone!
             I hope you are enjoying your weekend. As I was looking back at some of my favorite photos that I took in the garden in the last couple of years, I thought I would share a few with you.
  I love this misty morn shot of our garden arbor that I shot early one summer morning.
                                         The garden at the southern side of our home.
                                   Another misty morn shot gives a magical look to the garden.
              Love this Ville de Lyon clematis growing up the old birdhouse.
                                                  Our Chelsea Garden
                                               Again the south side of the house facing the woods.
                                               Martha's Garden is enclosed behind our barn.
                                               Our Allee Garden
                                          The view toward the pond.
                                A garden bench under the roses to sit and take it all in!

          All this beauty is nestled under a blanket of snow but before we know it there will be signs of it coming to life once more. I am content to enjoy the winter beauty of the garden for awhile yet but soon I will be yearning to get out there and watch for those early signs of life before spending my days out working/playing in the garden once more.

Take care,

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