Winter Beauty

                                                         Welcome to the New Year!

               We had a winter storm here a few days ago and so I am enjoying the beauty of winter here on Prince Edward Island. The photo above is the new 'boathouse' that my husband and son built last fall.It is still a work in progress but definitely in the homestretch. So, this is just a little peek today. We used old doors and windows that we collected over the past few years.I love the rounded windows and the old church door.
                           This is the little veranda on the front.

                              I am ready for a skating party when the weather and ice allow.

                            You can tell it is cold out there now-winter has arrived!
   My husband and I are taking the day off to go to some of our favorite haunts. I love the Christmas season but when it is past I enjoy the quietness of winter for awhile before looking forward to spring. So,while we are out and about if I see anything pretty,I will share it with you! Ha!Ha! ~ you know I can't go anywhere without my camera!!!

Enjoy your day!


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