For the Love of White

                                                       Happy Weekend!
      It is a mild day here today with some sunny breaks so I am going to go out to the boathouse and do a little photo shoot as the sun warms it up a little. However, today I am sharing a few shots of whites  from around our home.
 The photo above is from our bedroom after it got a makeover last spring. If you would like to see the rest of our bedroom makeover click here.
       Another one of my favorite teapots bought a few years ago at Winner's. The teacup is a soft peach color from a thrift shop. The small bouquet is a faux one but I like that it does look rea,l at least until you are really close!
                          A beautiful hydrangea from the grocery store last year.

                                                    Our bedroom

                              A few leftover treats from Valentine's Day.

                                 White tea setting with creamy white roses.

                                 Our Kitchen-it seems like I have been going more white around the house. Not so very long ago I liked warm and cosy colors but am really enjoying all the whites now.
             Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

                      Take care,

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