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Hello everyone,

We just got home last night from a lovely holiday in England. Five years ago we went to England on a bus tour and enjoyed seeing many of the cities and town around England. We did get to see a lot but I always wanted to go back and spend time in the small quaint villages of the Cotswolds so a couple of weeks ago we packed our bags and off we went. We stayed in a few different places but much of our time was spent touring or hiking through the Cotswolds. We loved all the footpaths that took you through the beautiful countryside through hills and vales,by thatched roof cottages and fields of sheep with baby lambs.

       I love all the beautiful stone churches and miles and miles of stone fences.
       The stone from the Cotswolds has a yellow cast to it as you can see from looking at the cottages,shops and churches.
  Some of the cottages have thatched roofs to add to their charm and  most of them have have a lovely little garden as well.
              This was a little village just outside of Chipping Campdon that we walked to on our last day there.
                    Walking back to our little cottage, we passed by through this field of sheep on the footpath.
      I love this beautiful setting.I shot this through the window of the bus as we were going to Bourton on the water.
       I could really enjoy riding horseback through the countryside.

                                        Another thatched roof cottage.
                    The weather was beautiful for the first several days before a cool front moved in again the last few days we were there. It was a late spring in England compared to last year when everything was about four weeks ahead. There were so many different trees in bloom everywhere we went. I love all the hedgerows around the fields with cows,sheep or horses.
        We went to Hidcote garden one beautiful warm sunny day and this little cottage was on the property. I love the interesting doors in all different colours in England.
         Can you tell I am a country girl?
     Andrew thought I took a picture of every sheep in England!
                            A small garden outside an old church.
                                                          So quaint!
                 Another field of sheep along The England Way footpath.Love those rolling hillsides with fields of sheep.
              Such a beautiful setting for a lovely stone cottage. I love how all the cottages have names.

                                                       Love these doorways!

    I hope you enjoyed walking through the Cotswolds with me-charming don't you agree?

Chipping Campden is a beautiful village that we spent five days in ~ in a little thatched roof cottage called Twine Cottage (more on that later).

  On another note,I want to thank all of you who left such nice comments on my last post and on my book give away post and to all who placed an order as well.I was happy to hear from some of you who already received it -thank you so much for your kind words. Tomorrow evening I will draw 2 names from a hat and announce the lucky winners. If you haven't already entered your name you can still do so until tomorrow evening - just click here.
  I have some more photos of England to share with you before moving on. Our garden has really moved ahead in the last couple of weeks so I will soon be inundating you with new photos of it.

Next week we have our first visitors from Japan for this season so I have lots of things to do before they arrive but I am looking forward to it-spring is such a nice time of the year!

Thank you for visiting me.

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