Garden Beauty and Lucy

                                                             Hello everyone,
                              I hope your week went well. It certainly went by quickly here.I would like to slow down the season now so can enjoy all the lush beauty awhile longer but alas time will not stand still! Above is the door to the boathouse and I am still tweaking the inside.
                     One sunny day last week I was happy to have met Lucy as she came for a visit all prettied up in her vintage kerchief. Lucy is so sweet-don't you think she looks adorable?
                                         She made a nice addition to the porch!
                                                        Breaded Iris
                                               Siberian Iris
                                      A longer view of the south beds.
                                                     Early morning by the 'Gardener's Cottage'.
                                                Spirea by picketfence

Josephine clematis

                                                  Oriental poppy.

                                           Early morning from the veranda

                                               Martha's Garden

   Hope you enjoyed meeting Lucy and having a little peek at some of the garden beauty.

             I am joining My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

            Have a wonderful weekend!

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