Pink Tea on the Veranda

                                                              Hello everyone!
                       We are having some amazing summer weather here and I am enjoying all the wonderful fragrance of the Korean lilacs and the Preston lilacs as well as the roses and peonies. The garden is full of the songs of so many birds right now.
                                We eat out here all summer as it is screened in and on the south of our house with a nice view of the gardens and I can't tell you how amazing it smells right now with the Korean lilac (Miss Kim) in full bloom right behind our table.Our veranda/porch will seat about 24 people so it is well used!
                                 One of my favorite desserts this summer is Sour Cream Raspberry Coffeecake.It is just sweet enough but not too sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth!

                                          Hope you can sit for awhile and enjoy the a piece with of it with your tea!
                                     The peonies are all popping into their magnificent beauty. I must get back out to the garden and pick a big beautiful bouquet!
                      We have about 100 peonies in our garden so there is no shortage for bouquets!

                         On a different note, I bought this pretty hot chocolate set a few weeks ago at Coulson's Antiques in Summerside- I love it!
                      These were taken a few weeks ago when the French lilacs were in bloom.
  Well,I must get back to the garden but you can linger on the veranda with your tea if you like!

      I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

    Thank you for stopping by,

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