A Garden Tour

                                                          Hello everyone,
                              It has been awhile since I took you on a little tour to show you what is happening in the garden now- so lets have a peek around.
      The clematis and delphinium(background) are in bloom now.
                                      I love how the virginia creeper is creeping over the north side of our house now. The birdhouse was from tjmaxx a few years ago.
                               I picked my last peony bouquet tonight -love the delphiniums in the background with them.
                               This is Constance Spry and I love that it finally got to the top of the arbor.
                              Prairie princess with Ivory Silk lilac in front-sweet fragrance.
                                    William Baffin with Walker's Low nepeta in background.
                                     A garden visitor- this is the first rabbit I have seen in our garden for a couple of years.
                                   Peeking in through our old garden gate. The path is lined with Walker's Low Nepeta which I love- a lot of visitors think it is lavender.

                          A garden variety of Japanese knotweed puts on a good show.

                                         Lambert Close is a lovely rose.
                                             Constance Spry

                                                       Blooming now.

                                        Love having lots of clematis.

                               A double poppy and Polaris rose.

  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what is happening in the garden now.

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

Thank you for visiting,

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