A Summer Afternoon Tea

                                                        Hello everyone,
                    Hope your weekend is going well. I took a little time out for a lovely summer                                 afternoon tea before our tour from Japan arrived . I did some rearranging on our                             screened porch this weekend and finished a couple of projects(more on that later).
                    Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good spot for my tea today.
                        I picked these Eden roses for a small bouquet and put them in my old vintage                                 vase.
                           I also picked a mixed bouquet of roses from our garden and picked one of my                               favorite teapots.
                                               A cosy little spot to sit.


     Our tour from last weekend- a lovely group. One nice lady gave me a beautiful parasol -perfect for a Downton Abbey tea. Speaking of  Downton Abbey the tickets for my Downton Abbey are now all sold out!!!

Thank you for your visit!

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