Annie Sloan's New Book!

                                                           Hello everyone,
                      I have something a little different to share with you today.... not my own photos but                       a book review of Annie Sloan's latest book.
                       Annie Sloan. The mere mention of the name speaks of quality and cutting edge techniques in the dreamy world of decorative painting . The Cath Kidtson and Rachel Ashwell of decorative painting, Annie Sloan brings fresh inspiration and ideas to us with her latest, much anticipated, and instantly best-selling book; ‘color recipes for painted furniture and more’. So you can imagine what a pleasure it was to be given this lovely book, filled with 200 inspiring images, and be asked to review myself. I confess that the cover alone had me lost in ideas for my own home with thoughts of bringing the French countryside in to my entry, with easy steps found within the following pages.
                     Like most of us, I love all the beautiful colors that Annie Sloan paints come in and while I was in England I enjoyed visiting an outlet for Annie Sloan paints with several beautiful pieces of furniture painted in  various colors.  - alas, my suitcase was not big enough! I would love to have the paint available here on the Island...maybe soon.     

 The soft tones and gentle texture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ is evident in every image throughout the book. Filled with 200 inspiring images, Annie Sloan shares her 40 years of experience and teaches us various techniques, including distressing, color washing, gilding, découpage, stenciling.. even dyeing fabric with paint, and more. i was particularly interested in experimenting with the Annie Sloan unique colour palette, and learning more about mixing colours, as well as using pops of colour from the palette in unexpected ways ~ such as the project found on page 65 in the 'Boho Chic' section, where Annie uses a pop of green inside a side table drawer. These details and attention to the use of colour and technique is signature Annie Sloan style.
There is a lot packed into this thoughtful book, and I look forward to sitting with a cup of tea, and reading through every project in detail once again. Annie Sloan gives even the faint of heart first-timer the confidence through detailed images, descriptions and steps to master a project they may be dreaming of, and for those of you wishing to be challenged with depth and detail.. there is plenty being offered to satisfy all the way to professional refinishing. 

About Annie Sloan
ANNIE SLOAN is one of the world's most respected experts in the field of decorative painting and a key figure in the painted furniture revolution, through her lively and creative approach to painting and 40 years of painting experience. She is the author of 23 books on painting techniques (three million sales worldwide), including her recent number one Amazon-ranked book, Color Recipes For Painted Furniture and More, along with Creating the French Look (CICO Books) and Quick and Easy Paint Transformations. Annie Sloanrevolutionized the world of painted furniture when she introduced her specially formulated Chalk Paint™ at her store in Oxford, England in 1990. One of the most talked about paint products in the home décor blogosphere worldwide, Canadian devotees of theAnnie Sloan brand will be happy to learn that Sloan's signature Chalk Paint™, Soft Wax, Pure Bristle Brushes, and Craqueleur finish, are now carried through Canadian Stockists, with more products to be introduced later in the year. For locations please visit

Hope you get a chance to pick up a copy of this delightful,imformative book where is my cup of tea!

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