Blue Winds Tea Room

                                                                       Hello everyone,
                                   I recently had a fun day out with a  sweet friend and we stopped at a lovely tea room for lunch in the New London area.It was a lovely hot summer day so a very refreshing cold homemade punch was our first treat.
                                    Homemade chicken veggie soup and an egg salad sandwich or                                                                     chickpeas,basmati rice and a salad.
                                Now, I love my desserts and I can vouch for both of these as being absolutely                                         delicious! Don't worry I didn't eat all of both.
                                                       This was so good that,it has me dreaming of another visit!

                                   A beautiful ribbon cake with five different layers of fruit
                                    was also a delicious treat.
                                                The Blue Winds is located in a charming  country home in the New                                                            London/Clinton area.
                                  I know they also serve a lovely afternoon tea so if you are
                                               enjoying an afternoon out I am sure you enjoy a visit here.
                                                Also, in the area are some lovely little shops to enjoy.
                                               Now, a little more info on my Downton Abbey Tea on Saturday,
                                               August 3. We are serving tea from 2 until 4:30-rain or shine(covered                                                      porch). This will be a fund raiser for our little grandson Lucas , who has                                                              Muscular Dystrophy,and is still travelling to Montreal every                                                       week for participation in a drug Trial.

                                                       The Afternoon 'High Tea' will also include a Garden Tour as well                                                      as a tour of the Gardener's Cottage and the Boathouse. If you are                                                          looking  for more information you can contact me at                                

                                                 I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

                                           Thank you for visiting,

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