For the Love of Aqua Green and Pink

          I hope you all had a good weekend-it was a hot one here! I am happy to have it a little cooler here today and as I type this there is just a little breeze carrying the fragrance of the mock orange shrubs blooming just outside my window.
   On Saturday,I picked a big bouquet of Sarah Bernhart peonies to enjoy as the season is almost past for another year and I will enjoy the bouquet photos long into the winter.
                                   I think they look pretty in the green watering can.
                                 Our little conservatory got a boost with a few bouquets too.
                           Andrew built the little picket fence in behind the conservatory.

                                  I so enjoy  going around the garden and picking flowers for indoor bouquets.
                                    Aqua and pink,look so pretty together.

               You might remember that I talked about a Downton Abbey Garden Tea as a fundraiser so the date is now set for Saturday August 3rd. Tickets go on sale shortly and there is a limited number to be sold and all by advance booking ~ more info coming soon so please check back if you are interested in coming.

Hope you all have a good day!

Take care,

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