Sunny Summer Days

                                                       Hello everyone,
              We have been having some very hot and humid sunny summer days lately. I have to con fess it is too hot for me so you will find me languishing in the coolest shadiest pretty corner of the garden I can find.So, this morning the terrace has shade from the virginia creeper and the grapevine growing over it but it is also catching a little summer breeze.
                               The view on one side of the terrace-peonies and roses.

                  The Japanese ivory silk lilac is blooming on one side giving the sweetest fragrance along with the roses and peonies.
 You can see why I am languishing in this shady,fragrant corner of the garden this morning but I wish you could enjoy the fragrance as well!

Now, I am off to church and if it gets too hot this afternoon I may have to head to one of the Island"s beautiful beaches!

Hope you are staying cool or warm if you are in the middle of winter.

Thank you for visiting,

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