Under the Bower of Roses

                                                         Hello everyone,
                    Our little enclosed rose garden surrounding the south side of the Gardener's Cottage
               was a mass of blooms last week but the heavy rain we had seem to have the rose petals falling to the ground a bit prematurely so I didn't have a lot of time to linger under the bower of roses.
                      It is a sweet spot to enjoy an afternoon with a book and a cup of tea.The old vintage chaise is very comfortable too-check it out!
                               The angel statue was gift from my children-they sure know how to please their Mama!
                                   I always dreamed of having a bower of roses spilling over an arbor.
                         Rose petals are covering the grass as they fall.There is also a beautybush (behind the angel) giving more pink blossoms.
                                                    Therese Bugnet

                                   In behind the cottage are more roses as you saw in my last post.
                                             The beautybush
                 Hope you have time to smell the roses today!

                        Thank you for visiting,

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