Our Late August Garden

                                                  Hello everyone!
       I can hardly believe it is already late in August and the garden will soon be winding down as we               move into autumn.We have had a dry summer this year-especially August and some of the                  plants,especially the hydrangeas are getting a little droopy.However, if we just take a quick tour
         around hopefully you will just see the beauty!
                             These photos were all taken last week so you can see there is still
                             lots of color.
                              The phlox and hydrangeas are the main show in our garden now-
                              it's a good thing we have lots!
                                                        Laura-a pretty dark mauve and white phlox
                             that is pretty mildew resistant.
              Love the color combo here. It was a windy day so the pic is a bit fuzzy.
                                                   Sun and shadow.
                                                     A garden vignette.
                                            The annebelle hydrangeas are still doing well.
                               I remember just a couple of months ago this arbor was looking naked.The                                          virginia creeper really covers it now.
                           A bright pink tablecloth(really an old sheet) and a big bouquet adds a pop of color in                           the outdoor terrace/gazebo.                                

                The phlox and limelight hydrangea at the bed by the road are still doing well.
                                           The arbor that Andrew built several years ago has aged in nicely.

     Another pretty phlox blooming in the garden now but I have forgotten the name of it.

           Well,we didn't get all the way around the garden yet but I will show you more later.

          Thank you for coming along with me.

                    Take care,

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