Tour our Summer Garden

                                                                              Hello everyone,
                                           I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today, I thought you
                                           might like to take a little tour of our garden. August is marching
                                           right along so while there is lots of color in the garden,  some plants
                                           are showing signs of decline.Where does the time go???

                                We have lots of these Annabelle hydrangea in the garden as they
                                 are easy to care for and put out suckers that can be severed and moved
                                 around the garden-love free plants!
                       The hillside garden is a riot of color as it has a lot of daylillies.
                                                      And coneflowers.
                               We have hundreds of daylily blooms in various colors.
                                                There are still some roses in bloom.

                                                        Blue Stockings Beebalm and phlox
                                                   I love clematis- this one is Jackmani Superba
                                                I have forgotten the name of this one.

                                              The bed along the road is in full bloom now.
                                                          We also have lots of different varieties of phlox.
                                               The bed along the walkway to the door.

                                                                   coneflowers in bloom

                                          These double poppies reseed every year-abundantly!
                                                            Ville de lyon clematis

                                                    The bed along the driveway.

         Hope you enjoyed the tour of our garden in August.

                  Thank you for visiting,


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