November Days


                                                                 Hello everyone,
         We had a very grey foggy November day here today but still there was a certain moody look to
       the day that had it's own beauty.
                                           A bit bleak maybe ....but still
                                                 Since farming has always been an important part of our Island life,
                                                  I don't have to travel far to find a field of cows.
                                   On the way to church this morning we went by the cenotaph in front of Province                                      House where there is a Remembrance Day service every year to honor those who
                                   fought for our freedom.
                               When we got back home I searched the garden for the last of the Autumn color.

                                                             The holly bushes add color all year.
                                                          The last of the roses
                                                                  Lots of brown tones.

                                                       An Autumn rose in our garden from a couple of years
                                                        I love the beauty of it covered with frost.
                                                I think this rose was actually called Autumn Rose.
                                                           Sunday Blessings

                       Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments on my book 'Country Christmas'                                    giveaway below- there is still time to enter if you wish and I will draw one lucky
                       the pot next Friday.

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