And Winter Came

                                                                     Happy December!
                              Here on Prince Edward Island we welcomed in December with our first
                              real snow fall. It lovely to see the ground covered and the trees laden with
                             snow. We went to a special Christmas Advent service last night in a little
                             country church in Mermaid ~ the snow added to the Christmas spirit as
                             we drove to and from the service.Wish I could have captured the beauty
                             of it all for you~,the message, music,candles,even homemade cookies in
                             this beautiful little church packed full.

                               In the afternoon,I took a few shots around home. Although we can still have milk
                               delivered to our door here, it is no longer as necessary for us since our children
                                have grown but I still like to display the old milk bottles on our doorstep in
                                However, today they are filled with milk and ready for pick up!

                                       It is time to dig out the warm mittens for outdoor enjoyment.

                                         The holly bushes by the arbor look pretty with the snow.

                                       I bought the vintage men's skates at the 70 mile yard sale last year.

                    Love these tiny old skates that I have had since our children were little.

                                     The angel on the wreath came from a thrift shop a few years ago
                                      ~ a bit unique!
                                                                    Milk delivery
             Sadly, I don't think our snow is going to last as showers are expected tomorrow
                        but hopefully we get more soon.

                        Congratulations to Susan Tierney who opened up a new shop SAjo Weathered Home
                        in the Marda Loop ~ 111 - 3411 20th Street SW Calgary Alberta.
                        I am honored to that my new 'Country Christmas' book is for sale in her shop, 
                       on the other side of the country  ~ Thank you, Susan!                            

                        Thank you for visiting,


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