Child's Play


                            Hope your weekend was a good one. We did get snow starting Sunday afternoon
                           and it is a pretty white world out there now!
                                         I took a little time to enjoy my camera in the afternoon and as there were
                             some old fashioned toys sitting under the tree that caught my eye.
                           This cute little vintage looking rocking horse came from Wicker Emporium
                           a couple of days ago - it was 70% off and no tax day!
                                    The little ones like to play with this bunny when they visit.
Skating is a fun and healthy way for children to play outdoors in winter.

                          These cute teddy bears were a gift from my son a number of years ago ~ he
                           knew his Mama still liked to play!
                         an old fashioned looking truck is just the thing for little one's play.

                               This old bear has been around for awhile and he reminds us of
                               The Tangerine Bear ,one of my favorite movies to watch with our
                                younger grandchildren.It has a nice little story with a good message.
                                These leather children's boots are so cute I couldn't resist them.

               Always loved dolls and teddies under the tree ~ wish my children hadn't grown up so fast!

This little book of prayers belonged to our children when they were young - it is illustrated by
Eloise Wilkin. I loved her heartwarming books .....did you too?

          Well enough of 'childs play'  for now ~ I better get to work!

                    Thank you for visiting me,

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