Snowy Days!

The first two photos with the snowflake effect were sent to me from Helene an artist from France ~
Helene choose these two pics from my blog and added the snowflakes and sent them to me....
thank you, Helene!  Now, if you have not visited Helene Flont before I know you will enjoy 
your visit as she has one of the coziest Christmas settings in her last post but also she 
paints beautiful pictures of roses etc. and has an amazing garden besides. To see
her art go to the blog on her sidebar or click here.

                                               The lilacs are covered in snow.
Definitely, lots of snow for Christmas!

                I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. We had a beautiful white one here with the
                          the trees all laden with snow,some gently falling snowflakes and even a little sunshine.
                          However,everyday we seem to get a little more snow and another storm is on
                          the way for Sunday!
                                               Thank you for your visit,

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