Winter Solstice

Today is winter solstice and it is a good feeling to know that this is
the shortest day of the year and starting the middle of January we
will notice a difference in the length of daylight hours.
This year we are getting more snow then we have in the past few
years so I feel pretty confident we will have a white Christmas
as we are expecting another 15 - 20 cm. tomorrow.
I took the shot above a couple of mornings ago when the moon was
still shining and the trees were laden with new snow. Our 
little cottage has been neglected this winter and did not
become our Christmas Cottage as in the past.

                                           You can see the snow is piling up already.

                                 This was shot from through the window on the landing of our home.
                                    I don't think I will be having tea here anytime soon!

Does this make you back ache?

                               The snow piled up on the deck as we didn't have enough wind
                                to blow it off so Andrew was concerned about the weight and
                                shoveled it off. The last few years that never happened.

Anyway, enjoying all that snow it is nice to sit by
the fire  and the tree with some hot apple cider.

              We had our annual family pizza party last night and our Christmas tree was declared
                         a monster ~ but pretty none the less!
                         Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.


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