Soft & Romantic

                                                                        Hello everyone,
                                    Since Valentine's Day is coming up soon so I am going with a soft
                                   and romantic look. Small perfume bottles are yet another item I
                                   can't resist at thrift shops etc.~they add a romantic touch to a
                                  dresser or vanity.
                                  I went through some of my photos from a few years ago and found
                                  some of these so if you have been visiting me for awhile I hope you
                                  don't mind some repeats.
                                  This soft peach teacup is one of my favorites.
                                                                    Love the light!
                                     My Dad gave me this pitcher and basin many years ago. It is
                                      the wheat pattern.
                                        Lace and roses are some of my favorite things.

                                                      An ironstone vase with creamy roses.

            I have lots more soft and romantic shots with a Valentine's Day theme to come so I
                      hope you will stop by again. Thank you to all who have left such lovely comments for
                     me lately and once again thank you for visiting me.

                                                                                       Take care,

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