Afternoon Tea

                                                                  Hello everyone,

                                We are bracing here for a big snow storm with lots of snow
                               and very high winds.....we are being warned of power outages,
                               whiteouts etc. and now there is talk of another storm on the
                              weekend! Phew! is this winter ever going to end???
                                  We are headed south next week for a couple of weeks so
                               I hope when we get back home spring will have sprung!
                                  Let's have a little tea party to take our mind of it and
                               enjoy a little escape!
                                  The photo above was the runner-up for my new
                                  Afternoon Tea book which I am happy to say is
                                 now being published but more on that later.
So don your prettiest dress.

Grab your handbag and gloves and come on over!
                                                      Pick out your favorite tea cup.
                                                          Enjoy a yummy cupcake.

                                                  Admire the pretty bouquets of flowers.  

                                                     Have a few more nibbles.

                                      And I will pour you some tea.

                                     It may be wintery here still but I have gone full steam
                                     ahead into spring cleaning.......always a good project
                                     to get done.
                                       I am joining Tea with Friends at Bernideen's Tea Time blog
                                       and Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage.

                                     Snuggle in nice and cozy and enjoy your day!

                                                                Stay warm and safe.


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