Forget me not Tea Time

                                                              Hello everyone,
                                            I am sure you know that our garden is
                                            still banked with snow yet but my tea
                                            time today made me think of this
                                            photo of Audrey in our garden
                                            with the forget me not's behind
                                            her. I am really looking forward
                                            to seeing color in the garden again.
                           So, as you can see these dainty dishes are covered in
                            delicate forget me not's.

                                     Pecan butterballs are a light tea time snack.

                   I actually remembered to include a photo of the markings on the bottom~
                   for those of you who are interested. They are called "Sound of Music".
             With the prediction of a late spring here, I guess we can forget about
                       getting out there and digging in the dirt for awhile yet but in the mean
                       time......enjoy the "Sound of Music" !

                         I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday.

                                                                   Thank you for visiting,


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