Garden Tour Past & Present

                                                                     Hello everyone,

                I hope you enjoyed your last weekend of winter. It was a wintry one here but spring is
                on the way! I am continuing on with our garden tour today with more of my favorite
               garden shots.

                                 Foxglove,shaska daisies and blue campanula with nepata at the
                                 I do love tucking statues into the various garden rooms.
                                    Hydrangea in foreground on a misty morning.

                                                        A garden bench to sit and enjoy!
                                       The pink fairy rose is one of my favorites.
                                             And this is my favorite gardener!!!

                                               Phlox ,sedum and beebalm on the right.
                                       Constance Spry is another beautiful rose with a clematis in the
                                      background ~ good companions.
                                   Our hillside garden in August with daylillies and coneflowers.
                                Now for a little reality check......our garden a few days ago,
                                after several cm. of snow and then freezing rain.

              I couldn't leave you in the cold so I had to end with a pleasant
                         summer evening shot to dream on.

                        If you would like to enjoy beautiful garden photos you can
                        check out my gardens pinboard here.

                                                  Thank you for all your sweet comments on my
                                                  last post.   The clematis on the old birdhouse
                                                  is Ville de Lyon for those who asked.

                                                            Hope you have a good day!


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