Shabby Chic Romantic Tea Room

                                                                           Hello everyone,
                                                          I hope you will join me for tea today
                                                         at my favorite tea room. It is in Mt.
                                                        Dora,Florida where we spent a couple of
                                                       days on our trip south. It was the first place
                                                       we headed for when we rented our car.
                                                       It is called The Garden Gate tearoom.
                                                              I think it has romance and
                                                             shabby chic down pat.
                                        Every time we have gone to Florida we went for
                                        lunch here. Not only does the setting delight me
                                        but the food is amazing too.
                                         Love how the mirror is decorated over the
                                         mantle and even the chair get a romantic

                                                   There are several vintage and antique dresses
                                                    on display.

                                           A table of hats if you want to
                                          borrow one.

                                                Everywhere you look inside there are treasures to enjoy.

                                                           Are you smitten yet?

                                                       Lots of pretty teapots.

                                                    Lots of  pretty tea cups as well.                          

Come on in and join me for tea!

As pretty as it is inside,the weather
was perfect and the garden area
charming so that is where we
choose to sit.

I smiled at a couple of ladies stopping
to tell me I was a real southern gal.
I told them I was from Canada but
they didn't hold that against me.(ha! ha!)
said there was a little southern in us
all! I do love that southern hospitality!
Later we enjoyed this lovely sunset from our front porch
at the Lakeside is good!!!!

Thank you for joining me today.

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