Walking Tour of Celebration ,Florida

                                                                Hello Everyone,
                                 I hope your week is going well. We have had a painter in this
                                 giving a few rooms a new coat of paint and so things have been
                                 topsy turvy around here as we move furniture,dishes,pictures etc.
                                and then trying to get it all back in order before Easter when our
                                family all come for dinner.
                                     Anyway,I am finally getting a few minutes to take you on a
                                little walking tour on one of my favorite places to go in
                                    I certainly enjoyed seeing colorful blooms again.

                                                What a nice way to start a street.
                                     In the middle of some streets they have these pretty
                                     little parks to sit and enjoy the sights,
The downtown part of Celebrations from across the water.

                                                     Love this waterway in between the streets.

                                                         The shops downtown.
                                               A pretty Victorian style home.
                                                 Love all the pretty porches too!

                             I am noticing a fondness for yellow ~it seems to suit the southern sun.

           I hope I didn't wear you out but there are so many pretty homes and all
                     are so well kept.....I think it is the neatest town I have ever seen!
                    Celebration is only a few minutes from where we stayed so it was
                    a pleasant place to go for lunch , a walk and then a Kilwins
                   icecream cone.
                                 Thank you to all who left sweet comments on my last
                   post and if you would like to enter the draw for my Afternoon
                      Tea book there is still time just leave a comment on my
                  previous post below.
                       I hope to be back again in a day or two but just in case
                    Easter Blessings to you all!




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