Kitchen/Dining Room Changes

                                                                            Happy Weekend!
                                                   I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we
                                                   made a few changes in our kitchen/dining area
                                                  of our home so I took a few quick photos
                                                 after our tour this morning to share with you.
                                                     The first change was the pine wainscotting
                                                 that Andrew and our son put on. There is not a
                                                lot of wall space but I love how it added interest
                                               and brightness (painted Cloud White Benjamin Moore)
                                                  I found the little shelf at a thrift shop and I gave it a
                                                 couple of coats of cloud white paint on it and
                                                Andrew put a back on it. I had fun putting my
                                               antique blue & white china on it. I will photograph
                                               it up close on a sunny day.
                                               The walls were painted Revere Pewter (B. Moore) and
                                                the ceilings cloud white as well.

                                                     The Island was painted Yarmouth Blue and then I
                                                     did some light distressing and waxed it with a mix
                                                    of dark and natural. I plan to give it another coat
                                                   of dark wax as it is a little lighter then I would like.

                                                                     Tulips from our garden.
                                                        A quick peek out the window shows lush
                                                        green grass and perennials growing but it
                                                        was a cold damp day here today. Not a very
                                                       good day for our first tour but they were real
                                                       troopers and did not complain!

                                                           My red and white transferware
                                                           looks good on the new paint color,
                                                          the old color was a couple of shades darker.
                                          We have a couple more tours this weekend and
                                                     then none for a week so I hope to finish some
                                                     garden chores before the next patch of tours.....
                                                     and maybe do a photo shoot or two!

                                                        I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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