Lilacs and Garden Vignettes

             Happy Weekend!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend.

We have been busy with tours and garden  
chores but I did take a few shots in the garden
this week to share with you.

Beautiful French Lilacs in a locally made
handcrafted basket with a French Hen.
I have been adding a few french touches
in Martha's Garden lately but more on
that later.


                                                        Sensation Alliums

                                                   Lilac bouquets and a vintage quilt.

                                                 Some of the different varieties of lilacs
                                                 we grow in our garden.
                                      The lupins and early peonies are staring
                                       to bloom now along with the Viburnum
                                      Snowball bush.

                                                            Primrose lilac
                                                          Flowering Crab Apple tree
                                                          adds to the window view.
                                       A beautiful bouquet just for you!

                                  I am going to the Flower Pressing Exhibition
                                  at the Stratford Town Hall this afternoon.....
                                 maybe I will see you there!

                                                              Thank you for visiting,


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