New Kitchen Shelf Display

                                                                        Happy Weekend!
                                     After a week of lovely sunny weather we are getting some
                                     rain and cooler temperatures. I had another tour from Japan
                                    this morning but once again they were great sports and didn't
                                    complain about wet feet etc. We have another tour tom. but
                                    sunshine is promised.
                                          A few weeks ago I found this shelf at the thrift shop for
                                          a few dollars. Andrew put a back on it for me and I gave
                                          it a few coats of cloud white paint.
                                         It is a good way to display some of my favorite
                                         vintage/ antique china.

                                                   Over the winter we put wainscoting on
                                                    the bottom of our kitchen walls.
                                                       When time permits we are adding a
                                                   scalloped trim board on the bottom of it.

                                                          Just a few closeups of the china.

                                                             Lemon crinkle cookies are a nice
                                                             little tea time treat. If you would
                                                            like the recipe you can find it here

                                                                   Looks pretty with toile!

                                                                The dishes in use for afternoon tea in
                                                                the sunroom.

                                                I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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