Welcome Summer!

                                                                         Hello everyone,

                                            With the arrival of summer the garden is thriving
                                            and full of the wonderful fragrance of several
                                            Korean Lilacs just coming into full bloom.


                                                                   I made a few changes in Martha's Garden
                                                                   this year. I painted this yardsale find a
                                                                  French blue color and I think it gave them
                                                                  a lift.

             This small enclosed garden is one
             of my favorite parts of our garden. 

                                                             I brushed on some of the same paint
                                                             on the old shutters and put an old iron
                                                            crib for a bench under the window.
                                                                 I think it has a French country
                                                                 garden look now.

                                                                A little garden fairy
                                                                reading her book.


                                                                   Miss Kim ~Korean Lilac has a
                                                                  wonderful fragrance!

We have several tours from Japan in 
the next few days......a couple of days
on the weekend we have 3 tours each day.
In between tour days we have upkeep to
do and hopefully some down time! 

All our tours are booked through a local
tour company and have a minimum
of ten.
However, when things slow down a
bit later in July I will have a couple
of open garden evenings and I still
plan to have an Afternoon Tea Party
in August but more on that later.

Happy Summer!


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