Loving my Peonies

                   Hello everyone,
                                              We had a quite a weekend here as Arthur (a tropical storm )
                              passed through . I am happy to say our garden
                                  did pretty good but we lost a big tree in our driveway
                                    and some big branches off other trees by the driveway.
                                    We lost our power for several hours as well. We were
                                   on drier side and hardly got any rain though ~but wind!

                                       It did play havoc with trees around the Island
                                    and a sail boat sunk in the harbor but it could
             have been a lot worse for sure.


           Anyway, lets enjoy the beauty of some
      of my peony bouquets.These photos
were all taken in the boathouse.


                                                                I bought this antique vase in a hospice
                                                               shop in Florida.

                                  Don't you just love peony season?

                               I love the beauty of them but also
the fragrance!

                                   Thanks for visiting and for the lovely
                                   comments and emails on our garden.


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