Makeover Your Home With Granite Worktops From Utopia

modern bathroom floor tile Makeover Your Home With Granite Worktops From Utopia materials

The New Year is the perfect time to breathe new life into your bathroom and the design and style group behind the brand Utopia have an exclusive line of bathroom worktops to improve every single home. Worktops can make or break your bathroom so this is naturally where a large component of your makeover spending budget need to be spent. This is not an area to be scrimped on as low top quality worktops will not be as aesthetically pleasing and may not stand up to years of day-to-day put on and tear. Study on to locate the excellent worktop to complement your bathroom suite.

Laminate Worktops 

If you do not have the money to splash updating your bathroom worktops every year, you should select a durable material that is built to last. This is a single of the many benefits of deciding on a material such as laminate. Laminate worktops are low upkeep and need small upkeep as it is resistant to most stains. This sort of  Utopia Bathroom Furnishings comes with a lifetime guarantee, so, if longevity is your principal concern, this is the worktop for you.

Solid Surface 

If you are a perfectionist, strong surface bathroom worktops will tick all of your boxes. Utopia take pride in making bespoke bathroom worktops for customers who want a tough item that appears spectacular. Every single worktop characteristics an 8 step polishing and finishing approach that supplies exceptional benefits. Solid surface worktops are offered in a variety of beautiful colours to complement each bathroom including graphite, oatmeal and black opal.

Geo Stone and Geo Strata

If you want to transform a traditional bathroom into a modern space, the Geo Stone and Geo Strata collection from Utopia is assured to delight. This collection boasts a granite-like finish that adds an opulent feel to your area. Tough, sensible and fabulously modern day, Geo Stone and Geo Strata are the ideal type of worktops for you if bring your bathroom style into the 21st century. The Geo Strata boasts a chrome inlay for that added modern touch.

Granite and Marble 

Superb worktops are frequently the principal feature in a bathroom and for this purpose they must be show-stopping.   If you want a bathroom that oozes luxury, you cannot beat granite and marble worktops. The material itself boasts naturally occurring crystals that catch the light to guarantee your bathroom sparkles. Granite and marble worktops are a wonderful selection for property owners that want to make a style statement as each piece of granite is unique. This kind of material won’t basically make your house appear gorgeous, it can also add value to your home making it a worthy investment.

Coveted Colours

Once you have decided on a appropriate material for your bathroom suite, it is time to determine on a colour theme. With so many colours to pick from, you may have a difficult decision on your hands, but if you do not want to update your room in a few years it is wise to opt for classic colours such as black, brown and cream.

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