Villa Tantangan In Bali By Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth Architecture have created Villa Tantangan in Bali. Sophisticated and breezzy, Villla Tantangan’s charm is not just the seaside location, but just as a lot the embodiment of its physical look. Ligth, airy, subtle, warm, inviting, playful, the impact is eye-catching and restful, a beautiful haven marvelously integrated inside the land that hosts it. Natural components are dancing all about, embracing with grace the symetrical simplicity of the different dwellings. Bamboo is present throughout to warm up the clean lines of the concrete structure, whilst an elegant mix of Pandanus and grasses take spot inside the flat roofs, giving movement to it all and reinforcing the harmonious integration of the residence within its surrounding environment.

villa tantangan in bali by word of mouth Villa Tantangan In Bali By Word Of Mouth architecture

Images by MochSulthonn

Description from Word of Mouth.
“Villa Tantangan” is a single household residence situated in Nyanyi Beach, a private and secluded beach on the west coast of Bali. Overlooking the Indian Ocean to the west and a organic river method to the north, the layout of the villa attempts to capture these spectacular views wherever feasible, and truly connect the interior spaces with the all-natural atmosphere. The remote “off the grid” place of the villa essential the implementation of several ‘green’ initiatives, to allow the villa to operate self-sufficiently.

The lovely garden is no exception and appears a all-natural extension of the less manicured original flora of the area. Here once again, flow is the essence, felt inside the selection of plants as properly as the delicately planned positioning. Spacious, it gently slopes down to the adjoining river bed on a single side and the beautiful beach at the front. Inside its centre lays the inviting salt water pool, a calm and refreshing lagoon inside the sea of grass that extend to the front of the residence, major the onlooker’s view to the infinite plane of the ocean. The living is effortless, open and warmly shaded by the bamboo slatted deck embracing it. The wood is blond all through the decor and textures it in subtle, elegant manner. The association with laid back furnishing and natural textiles attain to impose the summery atmosphere, while the properly believed enclosed and air conditioned “media pod” completes the central region of the home completely.

villa tantangan in bali Villa Tantangan In Bali By Word Of Mouth architecture

Images by MochSulthonn

The 3 bedrooms are vibrant, undisturbed contemporary boudoirs with fanciful bath rooms in their wake. Curtains flowing with grace, beds a delight for repose and the light at play charmingly by means of the several windows. Here once again covered decks extend the space of these 3 “rooms with a view” onto the outside. They permit for pure enjoyment of the continuous sea breeze present in the air, with the eye-catching infinity of the ocean’s skyline for the main two, and the a lot more intimate lagoon extending on one particular side of the house for the third a single. The villa further cradles a beautiful high tech kitchen dome and a study, transformable as required into a 4th bedroom with two single beds and a conveniently adjacent 4th “guest” bathroom.

pixel Villa Tantangan In Bali By Word Of Mouth architecture

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