Blogging 101: Prior To You Start Off

Given that I began in March 2010, I have had a few enquiries on how to begin a blog and so forth. There has been some technical inquiries asked, but also just some common know how inquiries… I believed I’d share some of what I have learnt with you after a month or so. Feel free of charge to post some inquiries beneath and I will try to answer them as ideal as possible. Note that I do not view myself as an specialist on blogging by any indicates. I am basically sharing what I’ve discover’t more than the previous 3 years.

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My Background:
I have a BSc Mathematical Sciences degree from the University of Johannesburg Previously RAU. I initially began off my course with Psychology and Mathematics as majors. In my very first year of studies we were introduced to numerous programming languages in Computer Science. I soon realised that I was not extremely proficient in the ‘hard core’ programming languages, but that I really enjoyed HTML the language internet sites are programmed in and SQL data-basis. So I decided to alter my majors to Mathematics and Informatics where we would learn more about the business part of programming, e-commerce and net design.

Right after completing my degree I instantly started functioning in a corporate atmosphere. In amongst then and now, I moved from programming to finance to evaluation, got married, had a baba and, as you know, started a blog.

What is a blog?
Blogging has evolved from the original ‘diary like’ entry program whith someone jogged their thoughts down for other people to read to one thing so much far more. Photographers use it to showcase the beautiful pictures, Foodies get to share recipes that individuals would previously only have been capable to identified in published recipe books and individuals like me, get to showcase things I really like and am passionate about and attempt to inspire other individuals on a daily basis.

Basically, a blog is a kind of site that gets updated on a normal basis with new content called a weblog post, not overriding previous content, but adding to it.

What you need to know before beginning a weblog?
Blogging is hard perform, but fulfilling. To organise an report for each weekday of the year, to attempt and hold content fresh and relevant is by no indicates effortless. It takes a very good couple of hours to place a excellent article together and then updating social media networks! When I was nonetheless researching beginning a weblog, I study a extremely interesting article stating that you need to have to commit at least 3-4 hours per day on a blog to make it effective and I agree!

I am not convinced that you can get crazy wealthy from blogging – some men and women might beg to differ, I do believe there are simpler and less time-consuming ways to make cash. You need to weblog since you WANT TO, simply because it is your PASSION.

Why do I nonetheless function element-time?
A lot of men and women are surprised that I appear to be living the dream and nevertheless choose to go into an workplace from time to time. Why do I do it? I loooove functioning at the organization I work at, the individuals and perform are fantastic! I enjoy obtaining dressed up in the morning going to the workplace, coming residence and feeling that I have accomplished something great! Keeping up with what is going on in the world of technology and creating positive that my expertise stay up to date is also essential for me.

Think it or not, full time blogging can get lonely at times. Whilst I interact with a huge quantity of men and women on a everyday basis, it is all by way of social media or on-line… There are seldom face-to-face contact, which I Need to have!

Queries to ask oneself:

  1. ‘What do I want to blog about?’ Is there anything you appreciate or are actually passionate about or do you want to use a weblog to market your organization or profession?

  2. ‘How regularly do I want to post articles?’ Rather start off with one or two days a week on a normal basis than a full week and realise you cannot maintain up the work right after a couple of months.

  3. ‘Do I want to produce any revenue from my blog?’

I am really fortunate to have a supporting husband and some excellent, like-minded buddies, who has encouraged me to go on when I felt pressing the ‘DELETE’ button on it all. Keep in mind you are never as well old and it is never too late to start contemplating a weblog, if you ‘Do what you adore, you will really like what you do!”. I would adore to hear your believed and ideas!

PS: A very good resource to take a look at is the bi-monthly Biz Ladies column on Design and style*Sponge, I understand’t a lot from these reads and nevertheless do. Or have a study by means of local blogger Nadia van der Mescht’s Organization Tip series.

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