Small Home Office Design with Room Divider Recycling Old Bus Cabin

Unique small home office design blends the nostalgic mood, great love for old vehicles and creativity, recycling an old public bus front into a cozy working area that add a stunning room divider to lacking any interest interior design. A Hungarian guy built this unusual small home office with a computer desk and a chair out of an old public bus.

The small home office design project turned a driver’s cabin of an old Hungarian public bus into a surprisingly comfortable working space, bringing a car junk yard object to life again and enriching interior design and decor with a bold red accent and an eye catching room divider.

Creative and inspiring home office design shows an interesting way to reuse and recycle old things. Re-purposing, redesign and making home interiors look very personal are modern interior trends that showcase talents and creativity. This old public bus cabin turned into a small office in the bedroom is showing a great passion and designer vision that transform living space.

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Small home office in bedroom

small home office in old bus cabin

Small home office created with a room divider made of old bus front

Placed in the corner of a bedroom, the original home office is an innovative space saving solution to add more features to interior design, while celebrating the long history of an old bus.

The redesigned and reinvented font part of the Icarus bus gives a big character to the entire bedroom design, bringing a bright red accent into decor. Reused bus front part, painted a bold color, filled the interior with a nostalgic mood and created a surprising atmosphere.

home office in bedroom

Small home office with a computer desk and a red chair in red painted room divider created with old Icarus bus front part

An old bus was salvaged, cut and painted to become a unique room divider, contouring this small home office. This recycling and redesign project used almost 90% of Icarus bus body, restoring the historic front appearance and giving this bus a second life.

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