Table Lamp with Slots for Pencils Shows Playful Design and Bright Shades

Table Lamps CONST from Bangkok Thinkk studio look like kids toys and small organizers for pencils. This table lamp design features six slots for pencils and can be assembled like a kids toy with three elements, the base, body and lamp shade, which can be in white, sunny yellow or bright red color.

The playful design and bright colors of metal lamp shades give these lighting fixtures a playful look. The desk lamp, created by Thinkk studio, is being presented at Ventura Lambrate in Milan in April 2012.

A marble block base balances the table lamp and has convenient slots for holding pencils. The octagonal oak body can be rotated to position the lamp at different angles, while an LED light sits within a metallic red, yellow or white shade, making these lighting fixtures attractive and eco friendly products.

Sitting lamps from Produkt Designs, modern lighting design idea

GIFU table lamp collection, Africa inspired modern lighting design

Table lamp with bright shades and LED lights

white yellow and red table lamp shades

White, yellow and red metal lamp shades, toy-like unique lighting fixture

This table lamp reflects a playful design methodology. The main idea behind the desk lamp is three basic components that you can play with. Keeping in mind these simple elements and their role, CONST playfully combines the expression with function.

The desk lamp design feels interesting and unusual. The desk lamp gives one the ability to adjust the design and have fun without sacrificing its functionality.

Eye catching table lamps, contemporary lighting fixtures

Creative table lamps, Visual Comfort and Aroma lamps

desk lamp with red lamp shade

Adjustable table lamp angle, designer lighting CONST

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