Friendly Village

                                                        I hope 2015 is off to a great start
                                                        for you. I enjoyed a lazy weekend
                                                        and have not even put away my
                                                        Christmas stuff yet.....mainly because
                                                        I am still enjoying it. We got
                                                        several cm. of snow here so now
                                                        it looks like winter!
                                                      I always put my Friendly Village dishes
                                                      on display for the Christmas/winter season.

                                                                   Like all my collections they are
                                                                     a mix and match.
                                                              My newest addition is this $5. teapot.
                                                        I love this photo of a painting done by my
                                                        talented artist friend Heather. It is of an old
                                                       stone house not far from here and how perfect to have
                                                       a field of sheep beside it.
                                                                      Heather also made these sheep cookies for me.
                                                                 They are perfect with a cup of tea.
                                                                     Friendly Village by Johnson Bros.

                             So, it is back to school for the kiddos as the holiday
                                        season comes to a close. I really enjoyed it all
                                        but it is also nice to look forward to our little
                                        winter routine as we settle into January.

                                                               Thank you for visiting and for all
                                                               the good wishes for the new year.




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