Morning Light

 Good Morning!
        Don't you just love to get up early and enjoy the beauty of the early morning light? I took these photos a couple of weeks ago -I have so many photos to share now but not enough time to post !
 I love how the virginia creeper grows over the window in the summer making a living blind and keeping the bedroom cooler.
 The golden glow in the library as the sun filtered through.
 I headed outdoors with my camera.
 The sun was rising through the trees.

 You can see the mist rising off the pond in the background.

 We went for a short drive to enjoy the early morning sights and marvelled that the hay was already cut and baled. Where does the time go?
 This back road is a couple of miles from our home. Don't you love our red clay soil?

 You know how I love making collages!
 Hope you are enjoying some beautiful sunny mornings wherever you are too!

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell today.

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