Plum Crazy

 Hello everyone,
       Don't you just love clematis? The beautiful plum colored one above is called Ville de Lyon and it is one of my favorites.This one is growing up the old birdhouse from the Christmas Tree Shop several years ago.
 Rose moor is another favorite and it is growing by the fence with a New Dawn rose-such a pretty combo.
 Love the plum/red of this rose-sorry I have forgotten the name. Does anyone know what it is?
 My hanging basket of fragrant plum double petunia.
 Rosemoor again.
 Another hanging basket with pretty striped petunias.

What about you are you plum crazy too?

We had another shower last night -so happy to hear the rain coming down. It is impossible to water all of our garden and even just watering the planters and windowboxes and newly planted roses.trees etc. is somewhat time consuming. The sun is shining now  and it is supposed to be a beautiful sunny weekend again. We are having a sleepover with our grandchildren and their parents tonight-should be fun!

Enjoy your weekend!


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