The Summer Garden

 Hello everyone,
          It is time for another garden tour-after all it has been a few days since I drug you around! The daylillies are putting on a great show now. I have hundreds of them so I don't know all of their names.
 I love this rose!

 I love clematis and roses together. The rose is William Baffin and I think the clematis is Multi Blue.

 Martha's Garden-Martha is the statue. this is mainly a white garden.
 A garden variety of loosestrife and white monkshood.

 Julia Child again.

 Our Hillside Garden.

 This is down toward our pond.
 Don't you love this beautiful blue phlox???
 Monkshood and hydrangea.
 A pretty rose pink clematis-sorry,her name escapes me.
 Love this Abundance clematis too.
 This was my favorite shot on my early morning tour of the garden- see the dew on the roses?
 Shooting from our balcony toward the hillside garden.
 Well, that is our tour for today but don't worry it won't be long until my next tour! Ha! Ha!

Last week I had my very first photo shoot of a couple of other Island gardens for a Canadian magazine-Saltscapes!  I was so excited(and a bit nervous) to do this! I am looking forward to seeing them in print soon.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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