Soft and Sweet

                                                                          Hello Everyone!
                         I hope you had a good weekend. We had heavy rain most of the weekend but it was nice and warm at least. I went to an auction sale on Saturday where there was lots of interesting pieces that went pretty cheap.I got a little table and a vintage galvanized cooler for $5 and a mirror for $7 so I was happy with that.I wish I had taken my camera to show you some of the unusual pieces like a buttercup yellow vintage  stove.
Since I didn't take any photos this weekend I am sharing some mosaics that I like from my vast collection!

                                                    Hope you all like dishes as much as I do!
                                            Our little green and white toile  guest room.
                                   The blue and white teacups are Spode
                      Our blue and white guest room-at one time our bedrooms were all  used but alas our children have all grown up .
                                                                      Vintage china
                                                                    I love this teacup.
                                                 Some of my teapots and teacups.

   Well that's it for today but thank you for visiting me. I am hoping the sun shines soon as I have some painting I want to do before it gets too cold.

Thank you for visiting,

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