Autumn Rose

                                                                Happy Weekend!
                                  I almost missed this little autumn rose blooming in the garden. I don't know the name of it but it was just one of those little pots of roses that you buy in the grocery store in the winter to enjoy indoors.Did you know you can plant them out in the garden and often split them in two or three piecs and they will bloom all summer and winter over in the garden.
                               Anyway,I thought I should get some photos of it as I am will soon be missing going out to the garden and picking a bouquet for indoors. Soon,but not quiet yet!
                                                     Love these old looking baby boots.

                             When I was done of my photo shoot the little rose went to it's final home in the vase on my kitchen window sill to be enjoyed.
This hammock came home with me from the 70 mile yard sale last Saturday. It was $4 and still had it new tags on it. I knew I had just the spot for it in between these two old trees by the woods and near the pond.

                                                   Enjoy your weekend!

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