Autumn Days


              I am enjoying the beauty of these lovely Autumn days and as I was walking up from the pond last night just before sunset I shot this photo. The leaves can turn so quickly as only a couple of days ago the maple tree was still mostly green.
  The virginia creeper has been touched by frost but still hanging on.
  Some foliage colors from around the garden.
          A local market decked out for fall.
       An autumn picnic by the pond.
       Even squirrels enjoy a fall picnic. This little guy enjoyed my peanut butter cookies.
        Autumn colors around the Island.

                                               Birdhouses and an autumn bouquet.
                                                        A cute scarecrow at the market.
                                                     Another autumn bouquet.
                                                          Around the Island again.
And back home again.

I am joining How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday's Autumn colors theme today.Also joining The Rose The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend!


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